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Security of our contracts

Posted by Eren Akyıldız Contracts


We can prove how secure our contracts are; i will start by saying that you can see our contracts in this page and check them out, but if you do not know how to read this code, i am going to be explanining how it works here.

  • NFT creation - We have a list of our NFT's on our database, no NFT that is not created by us can be sold on the marketplace
  • Does the site store my account info? -Our site does not hold any information other than your metamask address, we hold your metamask address so we can show you your favourite NFT's ongoing auctions you may want to join, and your bookmarks.
  • How can i trust you to transfer my NFT? - The best part about our smart contracts are that we do not even touch your NFT's, when you give permission to our site, the permission is given to the transfer contract, which can only work if the amount of money you set for your nft has been sent to this contract, for more information about the transfer function keep reading.
  • How do i know that you wont use my address? - Your address can not be used to transfer anything from your wallet, you need a private key (which only you own and this is not shared with us) to sign a transaction.

NFTürkiye values your security above everything, we write our codes such that there is NO need for you to trust us.

Source code of transfer function:

function transferNft(address NFTaddress) public payable{

newNFT NFTtoTransfer = newNFT(NFTaddress);

require (msg.value == NFTtoTransfer.nftprice());